La Pergola building has an ancient history. During the 16th Century it was a monastery of Benedictine nuns as the ancient fresco on the internal stair attest.
When the nuns moved to Como is possible that the property of the house passed to a renowned Spanish count.

In the 17th Century the building was converted in a chemistry and it boasted the visit of Francesco Giuseppe Emperor of Austria, as an ancient document exposed in the hotel confirm.

Only during the 18th Century the building started to be used as a safe stop for the first traders present on the lake.

Later on, with the development of the mass tourism and the arrival of a growing number of tourists in Bellagio, Mazzoni family obtained the entire property of the building and started the hospitality business.

With the different works of renovation, the new family owner tried to maintained the originally features as the ancient floor made of black “Moltrasio stones” that was ruined by different covers in the past and the fine red “Cotto Lombardo” present in some of the bigger rooms.

Also the “Pergolato” in the outside terrace boast of a long history of more than 150 years.